Text and photo from the CBHSNA website Stallion Page.
British born and bred - with a temperament second to none. An extremely handsome Cleveland with presence and substance
who in his younger years was an outstanding athletic horse. He held 5 CBHS Premiums until he was withdrawn from the scheme.
He pioneered the Performance Testing of Cleveland Bays when he became the first to be so tested by a body independent of
his breed society.  He proved a formidable competitor under saddle holding his own in dressage, show jumping, one day events
and  hunter trials against the Irish Draught and European Warmbloods. He was frequently called upon by the Rare Breed Survival
Trust in UK to promote this rather special rare breed of horse. He was loaned for a period to De Montfort University (now Lincoln
University) as a resident stallion for their breeding project, his fertility, temperament, good manners and rideability making him
befitting for these ambassadorial roles.  Though retired from competition he remains sound and fertile. His progeny are sought
after, making their mark in the show ring and developing into versatile top quality sport horses and hunters.  He has a pure son
standing in USA (Stoneridge Bendigalla) , and two sons standing at stud in UK (Mysticfold Charming Boy & Lindon Principal)
have been considered worth of CBHS Premiums. Though BPC was one of the early stallions selected for the Rare Breeds
Regeneration Project he was in fact the pioneer of frozen semen to USA being the first Cleveland to be collected, frozen and
exported many years ago.
CBHS QA - Licensed for pure and
part bred breeding
Male Line One Pedigree - ApolloLine
NaSta Performance Tested - Grade I
Sire: Levenmouth Impeccable
Dam: Borderfame Joyful
Height: 17.2
Cannon Bone: 10”
Purbreds Sired at Epiphany Bay Farm:

Epiphanybay Spirit
Filly born March 24, 2011
Died March 26, 2011

Epiphanybay Lady Arabella
Filly born March 25, 2015
Borderfame Prince Charming
Borderfame Prince Charming
CBHS 2251
Premium Purebred Stallion
Breeders of the Purebred Cleveland Bay Horse and the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse
The Cleveland Bay Horse is a critically endangered heritage breed of horse as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Survial Trust