History of Epiphany Bay Farm 2013

August 2013

08/18/13  We appreciate your patience as we update our website to a new format.  There have been several hiccups in getting this done.  A bit frustrating as you think you have everything working then you discover that this is not as you had thought.  Oh well,  a rainy Sunday afternoon is good for website work.

08/25/13  This has been a working weekend for us.  Our fence lines were in need of weed whacking, which is certainly not my favorite job.  Fortunately, we were given a fence line mower which worked well until a bearing went out.  Now it is in the garage waiting for repair.  As well, we worked on putting in the posts and framework to mount our farm sign.  Once the framing is finished the next step is painting.  Our two boys, Abraham and Triumph, are progressing with thier skills walking with a lead and halter.  All in all a very good weekend!

09/01/13  We attended the Warrenton Horse Show today to watch the Cleveland Bay Division.  There were many well turned out and well ridden pure and partbred Cleveland Bays presented.  I don't know the exact number.  Although, I am sure that Marcia Brody will be posting the final stats very shortly.  A scrumptous tailgate followed under shade trees where lively conversation about the day and Cleveland Bays ensued.  It was great to see so many Cleveland Bay enthusiasts there today! 

09/19/13  Abe and Moe (Triumph) have become great buddies.  In the last week or so, we quite often find the two of them off by themselves and not anywhere near to their mothers.  They play well together and are fairly evenly matched in size.  We have posted a video taken primarily of Moe and posted it on YouTube.  Both colts can be seen playing together. 

09/22/13  At the Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials this month, Sully placed 4th out of 15 in the Open Beginner Novice.  In June, at the Surefire Horse Trials, Sully placed first in the Open Beginner Novice A.   On Sat, Sept 28, Sully will be competing at the Morningside Training Center Horse Trials.  We plan on being there to watch him compete.  We wish Sully, Sisi and Linden the best .

10/21/13  EB Triumph "Moe" has been sold and will be leaving for his new home after he has adjusted to being weaned.  We look forward to a successful future for this athletic boy!

11/17/13  Yesterday, we attended the Annual Cleveland Bay Hunt sponsored by Blue Ridge Hunt and Farnley Farm in White Post, VA.  There were 22 Cleveland Bay Horses, both purebred and partbred, participating in the hunt.  There was a lovely breakfast following the hunt courtesy of the owners of Farnley Farm.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Today, we took Moe for his first trailer ride.  We loaded Extravagant in one of the straight load stalls.  Moe walked right on the trailer and into the box stall which is right in front of the straight load stalls.  Moe did fantastic!  He was calm despite being a bit nervous about the ride.  He waited for us to ask him to unload from the trailer.  Good boy, Moe!

Farm History 2013
Breeders of the Purebred Cleveland Bay Horse and the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse
The Cleveland Bay Horse is a critically endangered heritage breed of horse as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Survial Trust