Cleveland Bay Class at Warrenton Horse Show 2014
Epiphanybay Independence
Cleveland Bays at Upperville 2014
Cleveland Bays at Upperville 2014
Lady Leone
Windy Day Shakespeare
Epiphanybay Abraham
Epiphanybay Abraham
Cleveland Bay Hunt at Elridge-Harford Hunt Club 2014
Cleveland Bay Hunt at Elridge-Harford Hunt Club 2014
Cleveland Bay Hunt at Elridge-Harford Hunt Club 2014
Cleveland Bay Hunt at Elridge-Harford Hunt Club 2014
Epiphanybay Independence
Epiphanybay Independence
History of Epiphany Bay Farm 2014
November 22, 2014:  The Annual Cleveland Bay Hunt was held by invitation with the Elkridge-Harford Hunt Club in Monkton, Maryland.  We are grateful and thankful for the invitation from the Hunt Club and our hostess, Ellie Williams.  There were 15 Cleveland Bays and their riders, who joined a hunt field of about 90 riders.  The weather was comfortab le for horses and riders, yet not so good for scenting.  The tea afterwards was more than a tea; it was a scrumptious feast with good company around a warm fire.

Check out the pages for Epiphanybay Independence "Penny" and Epiphanybay Celebration "Sully" as they continue with their performance careers.  Below are photos of Penny from the weekend of Nov. 1.

November 14, 2014:  We had previously indicated that we would be offering Epiphanybay Abraham for sale by private treaty once it was realized that mother nature had not endowed him with the ability to be a breeding stallion.  Abraham was gelded and did super with his recovery.  After the idea and hopes of standing him as a stallion were dashed, the knee jerk reaction was to sell him as he could not contribute to our breeding program.  As some can empathize with, as Abraham has matured and grown, so has our love for him.  He has such a great personality, wonderful movement and outstanding conformation, we find it hard to let him go.  Abraham will be put under saddle, when ready.
October 3, 2014:  Here are current photos of Epiphanybay Abraham, our purebred Cleveland Bay gelding. He is currently 17 months old, standing just shy of 15 hands.  He is personable, athletic and a kind soul.  Love this boy!

August 31, 2014:  Today the Cleveland Bay Classes, a part of the Mid-Atlantic Cleveland Bay Series, were held at the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds in Warrenton, VA.  Great turnout of horses and riders.  Congratulations and thank you to all involved!

August 23, 2014:  Earlier this month the Cleveland Bay Horse Show at Howard County Fair in Maryland was held.  There were many new faces at this event, both equine and human.  Great to see everyone there.  Mike and I did not show any horses this time, as we were busy with show duties.  Mike was the ring announcer, a position for which he has been advised will be his for a lifetime, if he so chooses.  I was secretary for the day thus did not have time to take any photos.  On Sunday, August 31, the Cleveland Bay Classes will be held at the Warrenton Horse Show in Warrenton, VA.  We are looking forward to a great day of Cleveland Bay horses and enthusiasts.
July 27, 2014:  R.I.P.  Earlier this month, we said goodbye to one of our mares, Lady Leone.  A sudden illness, which was not responding to medical treatment, took her from us.  She had come such a long way from when we first brought her to our farm seven years ago.  When she arrived she had been handled very little.  She was a funny mare, quite opinionated.  An intelligent girl, she was very willing to do what was asked of her as long as you asked in the wasy she wanted you to ask.  The more refined the asking, the lighter and increasingly responsive she became.  A beautiful dappled dark bay mare who taught us so much, we miss her terribly and her loss has left a huge hole in our hearts.
June 22, 2014:  Rachel M. showed Epiphanybay Hamilton at the JK Presents Summer Challenge held in Woodside, CA on June 78, 2014.  They placed 3rd out of 14 in the hunter class and 6 out of 8 in the equitation class.  Hamilton was also ridden by a young rider, who had a great show with him, getting the Champion of her poles and crossrails class. 

Sisi G. riding her horse, Epiphanybay Celebration "Sully" competed in the Seneca Valley Pony Club Spring Horse Trials (June 2014).  The pair placed 3rd out of 15 starters in the Beginner Novice.  They will be competing this weekend in at the Surefire Horse Trials.  We wish them all the best!
June 7, 2014:  Cleveland Bay classes were held at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in Upperville, Virginia.  Many quality, well turned out and well ridden Cleveland Bays were in attendance.

May 29, 2014: Happy Birthday to Epiphanybay Abraham!  One year old today. 
May 23, 2014:  We have confirmed that Olddominion Epona (Quality Approved mare) is in foal to Windy Day Shakespeare at the 19 day ultrasound.  She will be ultrasounded at least two more times at the 30 and 60 day points to continue to follow the pregnancy. 

Today, we take Penrhyn Extravagant back to Equine Reproductions Concepts to determine if she has decided to start cycling.
May 18, 2014: In the past month we have had two mares confirmed in foal at the 30 day mark.  These are Epiphanybay Abigail bred to Knaresborough Fusilier and Belladonna Mahogany bred to Borderfame Prince Charming.  Tomorrow we will find out if Olddominion Epona is in foal at the 19 days check.  Fingers crossed she is bred to the young stallion, Windy Day Shakespeare.  The end of the week we will be taking Penrhyn Extravagant back to the Equine Reproduction Concepts for an ultrasound to determine if this girls has decided the weather has changed enough for her to start cycyling so she can be bred.  Waiting in the wings is Epiphanybay Serendipity, who we will likely breed.

Epiphanybay Abraham has made a full recovery from his leg laceration and is now back on full turnout.  He was an absolute champ on stall rest!  He did get hand grazed for about 15 minutes or so twice daily and otherwise did not get upset about being confined as long as he had a buddy in the stall beside him and a full hay net!  This boy has an awesome temperament!
April 13, 2014: The past 2 days have been quite hectic with unexpected events, dissapointments and surprises.  On Friday evening our colt, Epiphanybay Abraham, managed to cut his leg bad enough to result in an emergency visit to the Equine Medical Center in Leesburg, VA.  The wound, though large, was superficial with no serious damage done.  He will be hospitalized for a few days and come home to stall rest and bandage changes for a couple of weeks.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Anna Russau, was out Saturday morning to ultrasound several mares.  She found two mares immently ready to be bred.  The first mare had not shown a single sign of being in season yet she had the largest follicle.  Unfortunately, one mare was Epona who was confirmed in foal last fall with a due date of May 11, 2014.  We had been concerned for awhile that she may have slipped her foal.  Then a third mare, we were hoping to get bred was not progressing as expected. All of this resulted in last minute hauling of the two mares to respective beaus and a phone call to say yet again that a mare was not ready.
UPDATE:  April 12, 2014:  We had been concerned for awhile that Epona may have slipped her foal and this suspicion was confirmed today by ultrasound.  Rather than finding a foal the veterinarian found a large follicle and an empty uterus.  Epona was delivered to be bred to Penrhyn Bayswater's only son, Windyday Shakespeare for a 2015 foal.
In 2014, we are currently expecting one purebred Cleveland Bay foal.   Olddominion Epona has been confirmed in foal at the 60 day mark.  She is bred to Penrhyn Baywater.  Our fillies, Epiphanybay Independence and Epiphanybay Constance are out of Epona and by Bayswater.
We are sad to report that Penrhyn Bayswater was laid to rest on November 10, 2013.  Our condolances to all who knew and loved him.
March 30, 2014: Epiphanybay Independence "Penny", now owned by Michele Novak and in traning with Shauna Dunlap of White Winds Farm in Raeford, NC, was taken to a clinic with Denny Emerson of Tamarck Hill Farm on March 28.  Congratulations to everyone involved in getting this mare out in front of the public eye!  The experience was fantastic for Shauna and Penny.  Shauna is "over the moon" with how well Penny is progressing. as is Michele.  Mr Emerson placed a post on his Facebook page describing Penny as "Big, strong, fancy" and the first photo below is from his Facebook post.  Penny is a purebred Cleveland Bay and is proving that purebreds are quite athletic!  There are fewer than 200 purebred Cleveland Bays in North America.

Farm History 2014
Breeders of the Purebred Cleveland Bay Horse and the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse
The Cleveland Bay Horse is a critically endangered heritage breed of horse as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Survial Trust