In 2002, we saw Cleveland Bay Horses for the first time at the Cleveland Bay Affair held at Montpelier in Orange, Virginia.  At the
time, I was beginning the search for a new horse for myself.  My long time trusted companion and friend, a Quarter Horse, named
Netami, was then in his late 20's. Although I was still riding him occasionally, I knew that he would need to be retired in the near
future.  At the Cleveland Bay Affair, we were impressed by the Cleveland Bay temperament, conformation and athletic ability. We
began to research and learn more about Cleveland Bay Horses, finding that they were a heritage breed and critically endangered
with less than 500 purebreds in the world at that time.

The more we learned about Cleveland Bay Horses, the more we felt a calling to assist in preventing the loss of this breed. Thus
the decision was made to develop a farm with the goal of breeding the purebred Cleveland Bay Horse. We bought the land,
which was old farm land requiring clearing of old barbwire fence lines, overgrown brush areas, long forgotten farm machinery and
dilapidated farm buildings.  For nearly two years as we worked on clearing  and cleaning up the land, we looked at barn designs,
barn builders, went on the Stable Tour in Upperville, Virginia and finally found a builder, Miller Brothers, who would build our
custom designed barn within our budget. 

As the new barn, hay barn, and run-in sheds were being built in 2005, we started on the fencing.  To completely finish the fencing
of all of the fields, took us over three years working on the weekends and in the evenings. In 2006, we purchased our first
purebred Cleveland Bay filly, Olddominion Epona. We had planned on bringing her home when she was weaned. As it turned out,
we did not complete the fencing of the first pasture until she was 10 months old.  We brought her and Netami to the farm on the
same day in November of 2006.  On my birthday in January of 2007, we brought home our second purebred Cleveland Bay filly,
Belladonna Mahogany.  The two fillies are our foundation broodmares.  We continued to fence throughout the winter so we would
have more than one pasture available in the spring. 
From this beginning, we have grown exponentially.  In 2008, we added a separate broodmare barn to our facility as our
original broodmare stall plan in the main barn did not function as we had hoped. As well, we purchased three Thoroughbred
mares, to use in our Embryo Transfer Program.  All were in foal to a Cleveland Bay Stallion for 2008 foals.  One foal was lost,
yet we had two healthy colts born, Epiphanybay Hamilton and Epiphanybay Celebration.

Also in 2008. we optimistically, set out to breed Epona with the intent that the three Thoroughbred mares would carry the
purebred Cleveland Bay foals.  We were hoping for three purebred foals to be transferred.  In the end, we had one
Thoroughbred mare in foal with an embryo transfer foal, Epona was in foal and would carry the foal and one Thoroughbred
mare was bred back to a Cleveland Bay Stallion. 

In July 2009, we had three healthy fillies born.  Two purebred Cleveland Bays, who are full siblings, Epiphanybay
Independence and Epiphanybay Constance, and a Cleveland Bay x Thoroughbred, Epiphanybay Abigail.  Due to the time of
year these fillies were born, which is late in terms of foaling/breeding, we did not try to breed any mares for 2010 foals.  Our
primary goal remains to breed purebred Cleveland Bay Horses. In addition, we will also be breeding Cleveland Bay Sport

On April 1, 2010, my Quarter Horse, Netami, was laid to rest just one month short of reaching his 36th birthday.  This was a
huge loss as he had entered my life when he was 3 weeks of age.  He is buried where he can watch over the farm, the mares
and the foals. 
In April of 2013 we added a third Premium Mare to our broodmare line, Penrhyn Extravagant.  Extravagant was imported
from the United Kingdom as a Premium Mare by Hunter Wilson.  She has produced excellent quality foals for Hunter and we
plan to carry on that tradition.  Extravagant will be bred this year for a 2014 foal. 

In May of 2013 Belladonna Mahogany presented us with a purebred colt by Knaresborough Fusilier.  Mahogany and Fusilier
are each Quality Approved by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society.  We have great hopes for this colt who has been named,
Epiphanybay Abraham.  (Yes, the hope is that he will be the father of many Cleveland Bays!)  In June of 2013 Epiphanybay
Abigail presented us with a 3/4 Cleveland Bay x 1/4 TB colt by Knaresborough Fusilier.  This colt has an amazingly friendly
personality and is named Epiphanybay Triumph.  He went to a home where he will be groomed to be part of a four in hand
driving team. 

In 2014 we were expecting one purebred Cleveland Bay foal.  Unfortunately, the foal was lost sometime after the 60 day
pregnancy check.  We are planning on breeding three mares for 2015 foals.  This will be for two purebred Cleveland Bay
foals and one 3/4 CB 1/4 TB foal. 
In 2017 we are expecting one 3/4 Cleveland Bay 1/4 Thoroughbred foal due in May.  Unfortunately the purebred foal we were
expecting was lost due to a twisted umbilical cord.

Currently, purebred Cleveland Bay Horses remain a critically endangered heritage breed with the worldwide number of
active adult breeding mares between 100 and 300 according to the The Livestock Conservancy.  The total number of
purebred Cleveland Bay Horses is currently, just below 900 in the world.  Despite their low numbers, Cleveland Bay Horses
are quite versatile with successes in eventing, fox hunting, driving, dressage and jumping.  Cleveland Bay Horses are known
for their steady temperament and solid bone conformation.  They are often crossed with other breeds, primarily
Thoroughbreds, to produce the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse. 

In addition to breeding Cleveland Bay Horses and Sport Horses, one of the goals of our farm is to provide the opportunity for
others to be introduced to Cleveland Bay Horses, both purebred and sport horses.  Individual farm tours can be scheduled
by appointment.  Educational Group Tours, such as 4-H groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and school groups can be arranged
by appointment.  Please contact us by email at Our hope is that you learn more about
Cleveland Bay Horses, enjoy your visit to our website and perhaps become an owner of one or more of these amazing
In March of 2011, we had two purebred fillies born.  Unfortunately, Epiphanybay Spirt passed away at two days of age.  The
other filly, Epiphanybay Serendipity, is quite a sweetheart.   In April 2011, one of our TB mares passed away.  Our breeding
plans for 2011 did not come to fruition even after multiple attempts to get a particular mare in foal.  Thus no foals due 2012. 
This was a tough year for us with so many losses.

In May of 2012 we received notification from the Cleveland Bay Horse Society that our two foundation broodmares,
Olddominion Epona and Belladonna Mahogany, had been awarded Premium Mare Status following their Inspections in
November of 2011.  This is quite an accomplishment as this brings the total of Premium Mares found in the US to six. (In 2013
the Cleveland Bay Horse Society changed the terminology of Premium Mare to Quality Approved.)
In 2015 we produced three fillies, two purebred and one 3/4 cleveland bay x 1/4 TB sport horse.  Epiphanybay Adelyne,
purebred, was purchased by another breeder and is now located in North Carolina.  Epiphanybay Liatris, sport horse, went
to the same home as Epiphanybay Triumph and will be joining him in the driving team.  We have two purebred mares in
foal for 2016 purebred foals.  Both are maiden mares of our breeding.  Epiphanybay Constance is bred to Bensington
Bluestone and Epiphanybay Serendipity is bred to Pembridge Joshua. 

In 2016 we produced two purebred colts.  Epiphanybay Jacob is out of Epiphanybay Serendipity by Pembridge Joshua. 
Epiphanybay Issac is out of Epiphanybay Constance by Bensington Bluestone.  Both colts have superb conformation and
great temperaments.  Each has great potential to contribute to the Cleveland Bay breed.  Both are offered for sale, to a
breeding and showing home. 
Mike and I, Carlene, met in 2001.  Mike, now retired from an Assistant Fire Chief's
position, was a career firefighter.  My career has been and still is in Veterinary
Medicine as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.  When we met, Mike had only been
around and ridden the horses in front of the G.C.Murphy store into which a nickel
was placed before you rode.  I on the other hand, since my first memories have
always been drawn to horses.  As a teenager, my parents told me if I wanted a
horse it would be my responsibility as they would not be offering financial
assistance. Determined to have my own horse, I found a job, saved the money and
purchased my first horse, Netami, in 1974.  Mike and I married in 2003, beginning
our journey together. Our farm, established in 2005, is the result of my life-long
dream to have a horse farm and Mike's determination to make the dream a reality.

About Us
Breeders of the Purebred Cleveland Bay Horse and the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse
The Cleveland Bay Horse is a critically endangered heritage breed of horse as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Survial Trust