Foxhollow Navigator
Purebred Stallion
Bensington Bluestone
CBHS 2627
Purebred Stallion
Pembridge Joshua
CBHS 2682
Purebred Stallion

Borderfame Prince Charming
CBHS 2251
Premium Purebred Stallion
Idlehour Yorktown
Premium Purebred Stallion
Knaresborough Fusilier
CBHS 2478
Premium Purebred Stallion
Penrhyn Bayswater
CBHS 2370
Purebred Stallion
Ramblers Richard Lionheart
CBHS 2341
Purebred Stallion
Tregoyd Journeyman
CBHS 2499
Premium Purebred Stallion
Penrhyn Aristocrat
CBHS 2258
Premium Purebred Stallion
Windy Day Shakespeare    CBHS USA 235     Purebred Stallion
*We DO NOT stand any of these stallions.  If the stallion is living, we would be glad to connect you with their current owners.  If the stallion is deceased and there is possibly frozen semen available we can point you in the right direction there.  Unfortunately for some of the deceased stallions, there is no frozen semen available. 
We currently DO NOT stand a stallion.  Our preference is to select the appropriate stallion for each mare from the stallions which are available either by live cover or by artificial insemination.  We feel this allows us to make the best choice possible for each mare.  The stallions which we have used are Penrhyn Bayswater, Borderfame Prince Charming, Rambler's Richard Lionheart, Knaresborough Fusilier, Windy Day Shakespeare, Pembridge Joshua, Bensington Bluestone and Foxhollow Navigator. 

Tregoyd Journeyman, Idlehour Yorktown and Penrhyn Aristocrat are represented in our broodmare line.
Historic Painting of a Cleveland Bay Horse
Cleveland Bay Stallion Lines Represented*
Breeders of the Purebred Cleveland Bay Horse and the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse
The Cleveland Bay Horse is a critically endangered heritage breed of horse as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Survial Trust