Epiphanybay Independence recently competed at the WHES Horse Trial held at Carolina Horse
Park in North Carolina.  Her owner, Michele N. has provided these photos taken by High Time
Photography.  This mare is full sister to the dam of Epiphanybay Issac.
Epiphanybay Jacob
Epiphanybay Issac
Sera's colt foal born April 21, 2016
Sera's colt foal born April 21, 2016
Sera's colt foal born April 21, 2016
Epiphanybay Independence, Shaunna Dunlap riding at Morven Park Horse Trial April 2, 2016
Morven Park Horse Trial, April 2, 2016  Epiphanybay Celebration

February 28, 2016:  I have been in the process of upgrading our website, which has taken me a while
to accomplish.  There are congratulations in order for two horses we have bred along with their owners
and riders for placing in the 2015 Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America Performance Awards. 
Epiphanybay Celebration and owner/rider Sisi Gallagher earned the Championship in the Eventing
Category.  Epiphanybay Independence, ridden by Shaunna Dunlap, and owned by Michele Novack
earned the Championship in the Dressage Category, Training Level, Open. 

Epiphanybay Celebration is the full sibling to our sport horse mare, Epiphanybay Abigail. 
Epiphanybay Independence is the full sibling to our purebred mare, Epiphanybay Constance. 
Constance is due to foal in May 2016.  Constance's half-sister, purebred Epiphanybay Serendipity is
due to foal in April 2016.  Both are purebred foals and both will be offered for sale. 

March 13, 2016:  This weekend two horses bred by us were both competing at the Southern Pines
Horse Trial held at Carolina Horse Park.  Congratulations to Sisi and Sully (Epiphanybay Celebration)
for their First Place in Novice Rider - A.  You two rock!   So proud of Penny (Epiphanybay
Independence) and her rider Shaunna Dunlap completed the Open Beginner Novice division with
quite respectable scores in tough competition.  Well done everyone!

April 11, 2016:  On April 2, 2016 Mike and I went to Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia to watch
Epiphanybay Celebration "Sully" and Epiphanybay Independence "Penny" compete in the Morven
Park Horse Trial.  This was Sully's first time competeing at Training Level.  His rider/owner, Sisi, was
quite pleased with how well he did.  Watching these two progress through the levels of horse trials has
been a wonderful journey to witness.  Sisi and Sully are a perfect match!  From the time Sully was
born, I knew he would love the work of eventing/horse trials if he had the right person on his back,
which he does! 

Penny came up from Raeford, North Carolina with her trainer, Shaunna Dunlap of White Winds Farm
to compete in Beginner Novice.  Penny's owner, Michele, knew she had Penny with the right trainer
from the beginning.  Penny received her all time best dressage score of 29.5 at Morven Park.  Penny
loves the cross country phase and felt she should have been going over the higher level obstacles
rather than the Beginner Novice.  Her trainer and owner feel she ready and will be competing at the
Novice Level at her next event which is the Longleaf Horse Trial in North Carolina.

Penny's full sister, Epiphanybay Constance is bred to Bensington Bluestone for a May 2016 foal. 
Penny's half-sister, Epiphanybay Serendipity "Sera", is bred to Pembridge Joshua and is due any day
now.  Both are purebred foals and both will be offered for sale.

We are in the final stages of making the breeding plans for 2017 foals.  Epiphanybay Abigail, full
sister to Sully, will be bred to produce a 3/4 Cleveland Bay foal.  Purebred mares due to be bred are
the Premium Mares, Olddominion Epona and Belladonna Mahogany. Epona is the dam of Penny,
Constance and Sera. 

April 21, 2016:  At 1:00 AM Sera (Epiphanybay Serendipity) delivered a healthy colt foal.  Sera did
fantastic with the delivery, especially as she is a first time mum.  She was nickering to the colt before
she got up after the delivery.  Once standing she started to lick him all over.  As Sera is a bit
opinionated, we were concerned she might not like the process of the foal learning how to nurse.  She
surprised us by being super patient and standing stock still while he figured out where the milk
buffet was located.  We have not yet named him, although we have a few names in the running.  He is
brave, curious and very friendly.  He causes his mum some anxiety when he goes off to check out his
new world.  Mum would like him to stay closer, yet he has other ideas.  He is quite correct and has a
lovely, large eye.  Super nice colt!  We are very pleased with this cross.

May 27, 2016:  At 11:15 pm Constance (Epiphanybay Constance delivered a healthy colt foal. 
Constance, like Sera, did fantastic with the delivery as she is also a first time mum.  Constance was
superb with the colt as he was learning to nurse.  Continually keeping an eye on his whereabouts,
she will be a great mother, just like her dam, Olddominion Epona.

June 5, 2016:  On May 27, 2016  Epiphanybay Constance gave birth to a healthy colt foal. 
Epiphanybay Issac is quite handsome with a great personality and conformation.  He is by the stallion
Bensington Bluestone.  He, along with Epiphanybay Jacob, each have so much to offer the Cleveland
Bay breed.  Both colts are being offered for sale.  Our hope is to place them in homes which will focus
on showing and breeding these two lovely boys.  We, of course, hope these same homes will provide
excellent care, lots of love and will be forever homes.  So much has already gone into producing these
two colts we want to see them provide a significant benefit to the purebred Cleveland Bay as well as
the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse. 

September 4, 2016:  Epiphanybay Abraham took second place out of six entries in the Purebred
Cleveland Bay In-Hand Class held at the Warrenton Horse Show today.  This was his second show,
with the first being at Upperville in 2015.  Abraham was a superstar for the entire day!

August 24, 2016:  Wow!  What a busy summer which has contributed to a lapse in updating our
website.  The two colts are growing by leaps and bounds.  They are coming along quite nicely in
learning their ground manners.  With the recent heat, they have both enjoyed learning about being
sponged off and gradually being hosed off with cool water.  Which by the way, their mothers also love
being hosed off when it the weather is hot and muggy.  Our arena project is progressing as we are
continuing to put up the fencing.  As well, we are putting a new gate in a fence line where we did not
previously have a gate.  The photos of the two colts were taken last night.  Jacob is four months old
and Issac is three months old. Their CBHS passport applications have been received in the United
Kingdom and are in process. 

December 11, 2016:  We attended the Annual Cleveland Bay Hunt hosted by Howard County Iron
Bridge Hounds along with Martha K.  The fixture was the Patuxent River State Park.  The day was cold
and a light snow had fallen.  We car topped with a car full of CB enthusiasts and took photos of the
The Cleveland Bay Horse is a critically endangered heritage breed of horse as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Survial Trust
Breeders of the Purebred Cleveland Bay Horse and the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse
Farm History 2016
Epiphanybay Abraham
Morven Park Horse Trial, April 2, 2016  Epiphanybay Independence
Photo taken by GRC Photography
   Annual Cleveland Bay Hunt hosted by Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds December 11, 2016
Cleveland Bay Hunt Dec 11, 2016 with the Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds
Cleveland Bay Hunt  - Paul from Colonial Williamsburg
Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds Hunstman and Hounds Dec. 11, 2016